Callsign: Dust Off

A production company that cares

I became a journalist in the back of a Chinook helicopter. 50ft above Afghanistan, 200 miles per hour. A mans life in my hands. Soldiering was my former career but the experience is one I carry with me. When you work with Dustoff Films you work with people who’ve put their lives on the line to save others. We hold nothing back. We gave everything to them and now we give everything for film.

Tom Martienssen, Founder



Trained in hostile environments, willing to go further for longer. We’ve lived with Gaucho’s in Patagonia. We’ve worked with soldiers, rangers and explorers, if its on earth, we can get there and film it.



The great leveller. The seas. Some of the hardest stories to tell are the most important, the human spirit of ocean racing and state of our seas are difficult stories to tell but we’ve told it before and will tell again.



A different perspective is something we’re proud of. We have two drone pilots on our books and we’re ready to get you above the action.